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NXP Semiconductors N.V.  The electronics industry is being driven by four mega trends that are helping shape our society: Energy Efficiency, Connected Devices, Security and Health. Connecting to these trends and enabling Secure Connections for a Smarter World, NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) creates solutions for the Connected Car, Cyber Security, Portable & Wearable and the Internet of Things. Through our innovations, customers across a wide variety of industries – including automotive, security, connected devices, lighting, industrial and infrastructure – are able to differentiate their products through features, cost of ownership and/or time-to-market.[2]



 Amplifiers - With a vast range of industry-standard amplifiers, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your design requirements. We are also continually improving performance and introducing new devices as well as offering ever-smaller package options. NXP is a leading provider of affordable, easy-to-use audio amplifier ‘workhorses’ that provide superior sound quality and reduced component count.

Audio/radio - Making your choice in car audio silicon an easy one, NXP offers all the ingredients for creating the latest entertainment modules – covering everything from advanced car radio ICs to LCD drivers and myriad discrete semiconductors. An innovator in RF and audio processing solutions, we ensure your systems deliver the best quality – from reception through to the listening experience.

Bipolar transistors -NXP maintains a strong position in bipolar transistors with best in class performing power bipolar transistors, a wide range of small signal bipolar transistors including our Breakthrough In Small Signal range, space and cost saving resistor-equipped transistors and a host of RF wideband transistor options.

 ESD & EMI -Infineon has a long-term track record in providing superior Protection solutions for Mobile, Tablets & PCs , Consumer Electronics, Telecom and Industrial applications.

Data converters - An acknowledged leader in data converter design with years of experience in analog technologies, NXP offers an extensive portfolio of high quality data conversion solutions. Within our range you'll find devices for both professional and consumer systems; from turnkey solutions to dedicated products that meet the needs of specific applications in fields such as audio, video, digital imaging and RF.

Diodes - Choose from our comprehensive range of high quality diodes for all applications. We are continually innovating, improving established favorites by reducing power consumption and size while boosting performance and reliability. Our devices ensure your systems meet the growing demands of a highly competitive marketplace.

ESD protection, filtering and signal conditioning - NXP offers an extensive range of ESD protection and signal conditioning devices that are perfect for safeguarding your systems. Down to ultra small form factors, offering very low line capacitance and excellent ESD protection combined with additional functionalities – they are your flexible solution to protecting today’s electronics.

Identification and security -Choose from a complete range of ICs for smart cards, tags, labels and readers, featuring many coprocessor, security, memory and interface options. We address all your needs, from low-cost smart label ICs for high-volume supply chain management applications through to our next generation 32-bit smart-computing platform for powerful multi-application smart cards.

Interface and connectivity - Check out NXP’s extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs. Our devices include broadband communication ICs, transceivers and fail-safe SBCs for automotive, video SERDES, and many, many more, such as extensive solutions for the ubiquitous connectivity standards of UART, SPI, HDMI and I2C.

MOSFETs - NXP's advanced MOSFET solutions deliver the flexibility you need in today's market. Choose from a wide range of general purpose and dedicated automotive power MOSFET solutions. For RF applications, we also offer a world-leading range of LDMOS power transistors as well as field-proven small-signal FETs.

Microcontrollers - The NXP LPC portfolio offers one of the world's broadest selections of ARM-based 32-bit microcontrollers, with connectivity and control solutions for wide range of applications and industries. These innovation-packed devices and complete microcontroller-based solutions deliver the best-in-class features, performance, and power efficiency that get you to market faster, increase design flexibility, and lower overall system cost.

Power management - Experience design freedom through our advanced power technologies and support from our global organisation. Our broad portfolio covers everything from the smallest MOSFETs for mobile phones to dedicated power management ICs for DVD+RW applications. This simplifies your choice of power management solution to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and ensure consumers are always connected.

Thyristors - Superior immunity to noise and false triggering, reducing the need for extra protection components.