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International Rectifier Corporation  (IR®) is a world leader in power management technology. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR’s power management benchmarks to power their next-generation products. As a company that holds key patents on technology that created the $5 billion power MOSFET industry, our success is built on a solid base of ongoing R&D investment that keeps IR at the leading edge of power management with highly differentiated technologies targeted at high-growth applications.



Power MOSFETs - Since the first HEXFET® was launched in 1979, International Rectifier has been at the forefront of power MOSFET design and innovation. The company's comprehensive portfolio of rugged single- and dual- N-channel and P-channel devices offers fast switching speeds and addresses a wide variety of power requirements in applications ranging from AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies to audio and consumer electronics and from motor control to lighting and home appliances.

Gate Driver ICs and Controllers - International Rectifier's comprehensive portfolio of gate driver ICs and controllers helps simplify design, reduce component count and optimize performance in applications ranging from motor control and lighting to audio amplification and AC-DC power supplies.

IGBTs - IR offers an extensive IGBT portfolio ranging from 300V to 1200V based on various technologies that minimize switching and conduction losses to increase efficiency, reduce thermal problems and improve power density. The company also offers a broad range of IGBT die designed specifically for medium- to high-power modules. For modules that demand the highest reliability, solderable front metal (SFM) die can be employed to eliminate bond wires allowing dual sided cooling for improved thermal performance, reliability and efficiency.

Motor Control Solutions - IR's iMOTION™ Integrated Design Platform delivers everything you need to design a complete variable speed motor control subsystem. From the front panel and power entry to the motor terminals, iMOTION™ brings powerful digital, analog and power silicon together with algorithms, development software and design tools.

Power Modules - International Rectifier's expertise in power semiconductor integration has allowed the company to develop a family of power modules that minimize the number of components required to build a power stage. These modules are backed up by reference designs and support tools that further simplify and speed implementation of power designs in home appliance and industrial applications.

DC-DC Converters - Exponential growth in the requirements for higher current at lower operating voltages drive the need for innovative DC-DC power management systems design. International Rectifier has focused the power semiconductor industry's largest R&D effort to implement a roadmap for high-performance and cost-effective DC-DC power management. IR's extensive discrete and IC voltage regulation portfolio makes IR the only power semiconductor company with a product for every power management socket on today's computing PCB. IR DC-DC converter solutions extend to telecom, datacom, networking and peripherals requirements.

Automotive Products - Power electronics continue to change automotive designs as reliable electric motors replace belts and hydraulic systems, and automotive electrical systems are moving to higher voltages. International Rectifier offers leading-edge automotive power management solutions for everything from creature comforts to the power train.

Solid State Relays - The International Rectifier solid-state relay range consists of HEXFET® power MOSFET and IGBT output photovoltaic relays for switching low-level signal loads and isolators that give designers the flexibility to create their own relays.

HiRel Products - Aerospace and defense applications provide a unique challenge for today's system designers. Space hardware must operate in extreme environmental conditions including exposure to severe ionizing radiation that necessitates the use of radiation-hardened components. International Rectifier has been meeting this challenge for over 20 years and now offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-reliability, ruggedized discretes and integrated ICs including solutions for DC-DC conversion, solid state switching and motor control.