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Mandarin Technology Co LTD is one of professional antenna maker, which focus on GSM, GPS, GPS/Glonass, CDMA, PHS, 3G, 4G antenna, 2.4GHz (Wi-Fi, Wlan), 3.5GHz (Wimax), 5.8GHz, Wi-Fi amplifier communication antenna serial (including: all direction, yagi antennas, 3G parabolic antennas, panel antenna, indoor antenna like: ceiling mount antenna, Wall Mount Antenna, desk antenna, double polar, rubber, bandwide, card mount serial antenna. We also provide DVB-T, DMB-T, CMMB moving digital TV antenna, Low frenquency antenna: 315MHz, 433MHz wi-fi digital, Wi-Fi control, Wi-Fi wrote water meter, electricity meter antenna, GPS guide antenna, communicate parts, connector and so on. at present, has developed more than 100 styles of antenna, with Wi-Fi internet, Wi-Fi electronic control, Wi-Fi end, Wi-Fi public telephone, Wi-Fi digital pass, Wi-Fi Satilla position, Wi-Fi Radio broadcasting communication field.