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1. Antennas Series


Mandarin Technology Co LTD is one of professional antenna maker, which focus on GSM, GPS, GPS/Glonass, CDMA, PHS, 3G, 4G antenna, 2.4GHz (Wi-Fi, Wlan), 3.5GHz (Wimax), 5.8GHz, Wi-Fi amplifier communication antenna serial (including: all direction, yagi antennas, 3G parabolic antennas, panel antenna, indoor antenna like: ceiling mount antenna, Wall Mount Antenna, desk antenna, double polar, rubber, bandwide, card mount serial antenna. We also provide DVB-T, DMB-T, CMMB moving digital TV antenna, Low frenquency antenna: 315MHz, 433MHz wi-fi digital, Wi-Fi control, Wi-Fi wrote water meter, electricity meter antenna, GPS guide antenna, communicate parts, connector and so on. at present, has developed more than 100 styles of antenna, with Wi-Fi internet, Wi-Fi electronic control, Wi-Fi end, Wi-Fi public telephone, Wi-Fi digital pass, Wi-Fi Satilla position, Wi-Fi Radio broadcasting communication field.

GSM Antenna

GPS Antenna


3G Antenna

WIFI Antenna

433MHz Antenna

Other Antenna

2.Connector Series

3.Communication parts Series

Dielectric filter

Dielectric duplexer

Ceramic antenna

4. Multi-Functional Auto Jump Starter

  We are specialized in the design of high performance mobile power products, started in the car field enjoy five kinds of self protection function, mainly used for automobile start, computer, mobile phone or camera etc.